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The Best Products And Quality in Building Supplies and Construction Materials


Looking for Building Supplies in Toronto?

Bernardi Building Supply has been a trusted source of a wide selection of building supplies in Toronto and Mississauga for almost 45 years. We carry products ranging from drywall and cement to pipe and insulation. For residential, commercial and industrial construction, we carry the trusted brands you need to get the job done. Whether large or small scale projects, you’ll find only the highest quality construction tools and products.

Drywall Products & Accessories

QuietRock, Fire-Rated, Water-Resistant, Mould & Moisture Resistance, Doors

Insulation Products

Fiberglass Batts, White Rigid Foamboard, Blue Styrofoam SM, Spray Foam Insulation, Polyiso

Cement & Masonry Products

Foundation Coating, Waterproofing & Sealing Products, Portland Cement, Masonry Cement, Stone Veneer

Lath & Plaster

Structo-Lite, Finishing Lime, Ceiling Texture Spray, Veneer Board and Plasters, Magnesia Board

Pipe Products

PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings, Corrugated Plastic Tubing, Channel & Trench Drains

Tools & Miscellaneous Products

Hand Tools, Diamond Blades, Construction Calculators and Lasers, Measuring & Marking Tools

Insulation Products

Are you searching for a store that guarantees top-quality insulation and top-notch customer service? Well, look no further. At Bernadi Building Supplies, we have a 45-year track record for selling only the very best of insulation products to our customers. Our wide range of insulation products includes fiberglass batts, spray foam insulation, roll basement insulation to Tyvek house wrap, sound attenuation blankets, which we source from only the best suppliers. Our supplier qualification process is rigorous and intended to guarantee that you get only the best quality products in the market.

Whether you’re about to undertake a huge construction project or looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, we recommend visiting BBS to have a look at what’s on offer. Not only are our products incomparable in quality, but we also pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the industry. Our dedicated team is on hand to ensure that you choose products that fall within your stipulated budget. Visit us today and let us show you the best insulation products that can help you cut down your heating and air conditioning costs.

Drywall Products & Accessories

Bernardi Building Supply is the most preferred drywall and acoustical supplies store in Toronto and the GTA. For over 45 years, we have served our clients with utmost dedication—offering high-quality products for large scale and small scale construction needs. Our large clientele includes clients who are tackling massive construction projects and DIY enthusiasts undertaking home renovation projects and everything in between. Regardless of your project’s scale, we have everything you need to achieve success.

We stock premium grade products including extruded polystyrene, fiberglass insulation, and drywall finishing products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always at hand to answer your questions and assist with any concerns that you may have. At BBS, our greatest achievement is when we help you get the best quality products at the most affordable cost. We want to make your construction project as cost-effective as is humanly possible!

At our family-owned business, we value you as a part of our family and we want to ensure that you get the highest quality of products and customer service that you deserve.

Hand Tools

For the past 48 years, Bernardi Building Supplies has passionately served the Toronto and GTA community by providing the very best of hand tools for construction. We know that construction projects can be difficult and that’s why we endeavor to ensure that you don’t have the additional worry of unreliable tools. Our hand tools are sourced from the top manufacturers in the industry, and as such are durable, reliable and cost-effective.

Our wide range of hand tools includes tool belts, measuring tools, wrenches, crimpers, trowels, among others. Whatever it is that you need, rest assured that you can find it at BBS and at a price that you can smile about.

Worried that you don’t know the first thing about hand tools? Well, that’s why we have the staff to help you. Our friendly, ever-smiling and knowledgeable staff is always at hand to answer your most difficult questions. Whether you’re worried that a certain tool will not meet your needs, or need instructions on how to handle a tool, we’ve got you covered.


At Bernardi Building Supplies, our goal is to take the headache and frustration out of construction by providing you everything that you need, all under one roof. We carry the best quality building supplies in our stores, at the best prices in the market. Our supplies are sourced only from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Our varied selection of building supplies includes diamond blades, construction calculators, measuring and marking tools including calipers, dividers and gauges, wheelbarrows, shovels, temporary floor protection and ladders, construction tarps, de-icing products, ladders, and scaffolding materials among others. We know that construction projects can be frustrating and that’s why we are dedicated to ensuring we spare you the agony of running from store to store in the search of building supplies. At BBS, we have everything you want and should you run into challenges during your purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are always on hand to help you.

Cement & Masonry Products

Bernardi Building Supplies stocks a wide range of cement and masonry products that have been checked for quality and durability. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your patio or revamp your fireplace, we’ve got you covered. Our products include fireplace accessories such as chimney flue liners and caps, and concrete products including pre-mixes and self-mixes, firebricks, concrete blocks, expansion joints, reinforced bars, wall tiles, clay bricks, sand, among others. Our self-mixes are easy to handle, even for the average DIY enthusiast who is looking to renovate their home without hiring additional help. Our sales staff is on hand to ensure that you get everything right, as they not only help you pick out the best products but also offer tips on how to use the products so as to tap their enormous benefit.

Since our establishment in 1971, we have served the Toronto and GTA community with great passion. We work only with the best manufacturers in the market and carry cement and masonry products that we can personally vouch for.


Since 1971, Bernardi Building Supplies has been the trusted supplier of pipes in the Toronto and wider GTA area. Professional plumbers and home-owners looking to fix a leak here and there have trusted us to provide the highest quality plumbing supplies. And we haven’t disappointed!

We are committed to offering the best quality products at pocket-friendly prices. Our keen staff is always on hand to answer your questions that you may have about any products. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry including Dragon Board and Graymount thus ensuring that the product that gets to you is one that we can vouch for.

Our broad selection of products includes PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings, Corrugated Plastic Tubing, Channel and Trench Drains, EZ-Flow Systems (Gravel Free Drainage), Steel Culverts, NDS Drainage Products, among others. Our goal is to ensure that you find everything that you need under one roof, whether you need it for a one-time renovation project or a large scale construction project. We want to make your plumbing supplies purchase as smooth as possible—a fact that our loyal customers can attest to.


One-stop-shop for Construction Supplies in Toronto

Don’t worry about moving your building supplies. Our and professional crew and fleet of trucks are always moving, providing fast and reliable delivery. We have specialized equipment including boom trucks that handle even the most difficult products. We don’t just drop your delivery off on the road, our crew go the extra mile to unload and place the product wherever you need. It’s all about service at BBS.

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