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3 Tips to Take Your Basement to The Next Level

Whether you want to decorate or remodel your basement, you are likely to come across lots of options to choose from. It’s going to be a fun project that ultimately upgrades the look and value of your entire home. Whether you want to go for a different layout or simply invest in items like furniture that give the room an entirely new vibe, it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go with the renovations.

If you have basement space that you barely use and wish to transform it into man cave or simply place where your family can relax on daily basis, VMB Group helps homeowners by basement underpinning in Toronto. This process increases overall height of your basement by extending support walls down and replacing footings for the house. To fully redo your lower part of the house with underpinning basement process it takes several month of hard labour. This work is not cheap, but considering the possibilities of enlarging livings space, becomes a very good investment of your money.

Remember to keep things less overwhelming by planning for the basement remodel early. If you simply don’t know where to start, we’ll share with you 3 tips to quickly transform your basement into a delightful space.

Make Sure There’s A Strong Foundation

Don’t be busy fixing the outward look of your basement when it’s structure is already compromised. It’s worth knowing if the basement is properly insulated and in good shape before you begin any décor project. Drywalling should only be done after the insulation and framing of walls has been done. Get the right building supplies to turn this into a DIY project or better yet, hire a contractor who is well versed with the local building codes to ensure the basement has a strong foundation.
In fact, different basement projects like drywalling can be completed in a single day. You have different options of insulation to protect the basement such as adding a layer of mold resistant foam. Drywall should be easy to install and help in making sure any decorations like wall paper on the basement look as good as new for a long time to come.

Explore With Different Color Schemes

When remodeling your basement, one of the things you’ll have to settle for is a color palette. While most people will advise you to stay away from darker colors, you really don’t have to. Dark colors, only when used improperly, will make the basement look like a stuffy and cluttered space. Don’t use a dark color and then feature furniture items that are dark too. Try an add a pop of color using features such as throw pillows to give the basement a little lease of life.

You can paint your basement a dark color so long as you have proper lighting. Basements already have a warm and cool vibe so choose a color that complements the laid-back feel of the space and make sure you have different features to boost lighting in the room.

Invest In Modular Furniture

This type of furniture is designed to save on space while making sure there’s enough room to easily interact with each other. A good example of such furniture is the L-shaped seats which work really when if you are remodeling your basement into an entertainment spot. You can have more people seated in the room without filling the space with heavy furniture items that come in pieces.

Perhaps there are more things to consider when renovating your basement such as choosing the building materials that offer a longer lifespan. Always plan ahead to avoid any disappointments.