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Access Doors


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Access Doors

We supply access doors from top North American manufacturers. So, what is an access door? Access doors, as the term suggests, are designed to give access to certain rooms or buildings. An access door is basically a panel that allows you to access areas behind walls, floors, and ceilings. Examples of these are safes, different fixtures, valves, ducts, switchboards, wires, and pipes. These are areas that you would not need to access on a daily basis.

The access doors we sell don’t have protruding knobs, handles, or frames (although you can get an optional knurled knob) since daily access is not required. The doors feature recessed keyholes or spaces for locking mechanisms to activate their latch release. This gives a seamless interior décor since the doors will be flush with the rest of the wall or surface.

Our access doors are available in different materials. The choice of material should be based on the prevailing conditions such as fire retardant material near a heating element or a durable material outdoors.