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Green Glue FAQ

What is Green Glue and how does it work?

Green Glue is a popular soundproofing material that builders often use in most retrofit and new construction projects. This noise-proofing compound has unique features that allow it to serve as a damping material to dispel sound waves vibrations which travel through walls, ceilings, and floors. Green Glue soundproofing compound converts mechanical energy from the sound waves into miniscule amounts of heat. When applied between two sheets of wallboards, this polymeric formula makes a damping system and effectively dissipates the noise. It can eliminate at least 90% of the noise, which includes sounds at low frequency.

How do I apply Green Glue?

You don’t require specialized skills or training to apply Green Glue. All you require to do is purchase either a 29 oz. tube or a 5-gallon bucket of Green Glue from any reputable company that deals with building supplies Toronto and follow the instructions on the case. A bucket applicator or a pint-size caulk gun will be necessary during the application process.

I added drywall and Green Glue onto my wall and I don’t hear that much improvement?

You will not notice any immediate improvement after applying Green Glue, but once it gets dry and elastic the damping effect will begin. This will begin on the 7th or 8th day after application and will last for at least 45 days before you realize the full benefits of Green Glue.

If this does not happen, have the building inspected by a professional to see if the sound is coming through the ceiling. If so, treat that ceiling with Green Glue or build a wall up to the ceiling then treat it with Green Glue.

Can Green Glue be used with one layer of drywall?

No. You need to sandwich Green Glue between two solid building materials. Also, you can use as many layers of Green Glue and drywall as you wish since there is no set limit. In fact, the more the layers of drywall you use the better the performance of the wall when it comes to soundproofing. With this in mind, get yourself that perfect drywall by getting in touch with a renowned drywall supplier Toronto.

Will Green Glue perform even better in between soundboard and drywall?

No, it doesn’t. Reason being, soundboard is lighter than the drywall making it unsuitable for wall or ceiling assembly.

How does Green Glue compare to other soundproofing techniques?

Check out our Green Glue test facts and comparison page or contact us for more information and copies.

Is Green Glue Toxic?

The only disturbing issue about Green Glue is its mild odor, which is common with latex products. Other than this smell, which is not harmful and eventually disappears after some time, Green Glue is non-toxic, water based, and has a small VOC (5 grams for each liter).

As with all other products, ensure to read the instructions carefully before you use Green Glue.

Is Green Glue a fire hazard?

Fire test on Green Glue have proven that it is applicable on fire-rated walls since it doesn’t alter the a wall’s fire rating.

To discover more on Green Glue soundproofing compound keep in touch with us.