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What is QuiteRock drywall?

Dubbed the most technically advanced drywall for soundproofing, QuietRock’s popularity continues to rise year after year. With over 40 (and rising) foreign and US patent applications currently, this type of drywall has proven to have very high fire resistant and sound attenuation capabilities. Here in Canada, companies like Bernardi Building Supplies have already incorporated QuietRock drywall as part of their building supplies Toronto.

So what exactly is QuietRock?

About QuietRock

Made up of damped gypsum drywall panels, the manufacturer of this product is PABCO Gypsum, a company in Newark, CA. QuietRock was invented by one Kevin Surace, prior to 2003, under his parent company Quiet Solutions Inc.

Quiet products minimize vibration and sound by utilizing a Silicon Valley building science approach, modern techniques, and chemistries.

How it works

The making of QuietRock utilizes constrained layer damping (CLD) technology, which is a dumping technique used to reduce vibrations in objects. QuietRock panels consist of viscoelastic polymers and gypsum drywall. Prior to 2003, companies only utilized this technique in the making of mechanical objects such as bridges and disk drive heads.

QuietRock panels have several tune constrained-layer systems that create a higher vibrational energy damping ability. In essence, the panel will not vibrate because of the strain and stress resulting from the damping method. Therefore, when sound vibrations hit a wall with Quiet Rock panels, dissipation of the acoustic energy occurs as heat (in small amounts).

According to independent field reports and lab tests, QuietRock adds 15 to 20 STC (Standard Transmission Class) points to your walls. This is definitely higher than the standard drywall.

Uses and availability

OuietRock panels are appropriate for any remodelling or new construction project where a higher STC rating is the primary objective. These panels come in different models such as the 510, 530, 530RF, ESMR, ES, and 545. The model you select should depend on the level of sound transmission you require.

You can purchase these panels from any drywall supplier Toronto or from other soundproof material dealers in Canada. The installation and finishing of QuietRock panels is similar to that of common gypsum panels.

Where can you use QuietRock panels?

They are best for acoustic treatment of sound studios, home theatres, schools, hospitals, commercial hotel walls, single-family homes, and condominium party walls. Depending on where you want to install these panels you can get them in different thickness sizes i.e. ½”, 1-3/8”, and 5/8”. The 5/8” type X QuietRock panel is suitable in areas with STC ratings of 45 (or higher).

Get suitable QuietRock panels today

Avoid the stress of searching for the best supplier of QuietRock panels by visiting Bernardi Building Supplies. We are a company that will provide you will tailor-made panels that will fit your budget and style. It doesn’t matter how unique your building is because we have the experience and expertise required to install QuietRock panels well, whether in residential or commercial buildings.

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