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Anchor Bolts



Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are used to attach objects to concrete, brick or stucco. There’re different kinds of bolts each made for a specific application. Some are used while the concrete is still wet whereas the others are used after the concrete has set. The size of the bolt will determine if it will hold objects adequately in place. There are some that will be bent with a hook at the end. It has to be big enough for the object. Also, you need to attach them at the right proximity otherwise they will damage the wall.

To install anchor bolts, first drill some holes where the bolts will go in. Before you place the bolt in the hole ensure that you dust the hole. You can use a hammer to hit the bolt until it goes inside the hole and then tighten it.

The anchor bolts will keep the column in position and stabilize it so as to prevent uplifts generated by wind or earthquake. Common types of bolts include:

Drilled in bolts: These ones are used after the concrete has set. Their application is not very common.

Cast in place bolts: Cast in place bolts are used in wet concrete. They can be bolts or hooked bars. Hooked bars are a type of anchor bolts that is used for base plates loaded axially. Cast in place bolts are the strongest but their use maybe a little difficult. Common applications include heavy machines mounted on concrete and connecting foundation to the wall of a building.