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Angle Iron


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Angle Iron

At BBS, we stock angle iron from top cement and masonry product manufacturers. Angle stone is construction material that is used in the construction of supporting structures, walls, and furniture like shelves, tables, beds, and chairs.

Angle iron comes in a specific shape that is extremely stable and able to withstand excessive amounts of weight and pressure. The shape is usually an L-shape (90 degrees). Angle iron is used to make the basic structure and then other materials are added to put the ‘meat’ on the item.

When used for containers, shelves, and walls, angle iron is used to offer stability to the entire structure. It prevents bending, bowing, or breaking and adds reinforcement in 2 different directions. Angle iron is easy to work with and it can be bolted or welded together for even greater stability. We have angle iron in different thicknesses – the choice should be based on the particular use.