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Brick Masonry Supplies Toronto



Brick Masonry Supplies Toronto

Are you looking to undertake a DIY project? Maybe it’s repairing an existing structure or setting up a new walkway. Whatever it is, Bernardi Building Supply has you covered.

We have all the masonry, concrete, asphalt, and repair products required to do the job right – quick and thorough. Not only that, all our products come from top-notch industry suppliers and are some of the most affordable around. Also, we have a wide variety of choices so you can select the right product for each specific job.

For instance, we supply crack-resistant concrete and high-strength concrete in addition to all-purpose concrete. When it comes to pre-made elements, we have bricks, cinder blocks, masonry mixes, as well as mortar mixes. As for repairs, we have all kinds of high-end sealants, crack fillers, patching, and resurfacing products.

DIY with the Right Stuff

At Bernardi Building Supply (BBS), our main goal is to help clients complete their DIY projects in an economical and trouble-free manner. To this end, we offer complimentary, no-hassle, no-obligation consultations. We even guide you on the best products and procedures required to complete your DIY or repair project successfully.

Clay Bricks

People use clay bricks to construct surfaces like the fire-place, remodel, or build a new home. This material is widely used thanks to its wide-ranging benefits. Firstly, the different colours and shades of clay bricks don’t fade after years of use.

This is mainly because clay bricks emanate from naturally occurring materials. Another benefit is strength. Some types of clay bricks last long and are stronger than concrete. Since the clay gets fired at sky-high temperatures during the brick-making process, the final product is noncombustible. This is why clay bricks offer excellent fire protection. They also deter insects, minimize mould growth, and provide superior moisture control. If you live in highly windy areas, clay bricks save you from wind-blown debris.

What about the cost of maintenance? Maintaining a structure made of clay bricks is quite cheap. Clay bricks are long-lasting and don’t wear out or rot. What’s more, they don’t need any painting. The various shapes and colours that come with clay bricks give your new structure a modest yet natural look.

Bernardi Building Supply sources all its clay bricks from trusted brands only. For years, we have fostered strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure our customers get the best. Trust us to supply you with the finest clay bricks in town.


Just as their name suggests, firebricks are for lining the walls of kilns, furnaces, fireboxes, and fireplaces. They withstand extremely high temperatures way better than normal bricks. What’s more, firebricks have a low thermal conductivity which makes them quite energy efficient.

Still, different suppliers provide dissimilar grades of firebricks. This is why you need to get firebricks from trustworthy dealers. With our high-quality firebricks you benefit from:

  • Using less firewood

Being poor thermal conductors means that our firebricks have better heat retention capabilities. As such, you need less firewood (per session) to heat your space. This, in turn, saves you unnecessary costs.

  • Little to no maintenance

Firebricks feature a strong, durable material that doesn’t easily crack or become brittle. So expect to spend less on maintenance compared to normal bricks.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Firebricks come in a variety of colours and designs. Therefore, no matter what your preferences are, you’ll get something at Bernardi Building Supply to make your kitchen or fireplace look elegant.

BBS supplies many types of firebricks including clay firebricks, high duty firebricks, insulating or low-duty firebricks, and dense bricks. Talk to us now if you have any queries or concerns.


BBS supplies stone masonry products for all kinds of masonry work. As you know, stone blocks are usually rough or dressed. Dressed blocks are what most people use indoors, around corners, and window jambs. In essence, suppliers refer to this type of masonry as ashlar masonry.

Rough stone blocks are used in rubble masonry. If anything, you can lay both ashlar and rubble masonry in coursed rows (of even height), though most stone masonry remains ‘uncoursed’. Some of our most popular stonework products include:

  • Slipform stonemasonry

This is a hybrid wall made up of mortar and stones built up together (in courses) with reusable slip forms. Slipform stonemasonry is typically a cross between a veneered stone wall and a traditional mortared stone wall.

  • Natural stone veneers

Stone veneers are mostly for decoration and not for load-bearing purposes. At Bernardi Building Supply we offer stone veneers for placement over cast-in-place, tilted-up, or CMU concrete walls.

  • River rock stones

Many people use river rock stones as a veneer for their concrete walls. Take note that this material isn’t great for solid masonry as it lacks intrinsic structural strength and requires a lot of mortar. Nevertheless, BBS has smooth oval-shaped river rock stones for sale at affordable prices.

Masonry Reinforcing Products

Bernardi Building Supply masonry reinforcing products have long proven necessary for higher-level performance in construction. What’s more, we have reinforcing products ideal for reinforced masonry, stress distribution, and wall intersections. Some of our most prominent categories include:

  • Joint-reinforcement ladder

This category features items like the 220 ladder mesh reinforcement, 230 ladder tri-mesh, 240 ladder twin-mesh, 250 ladder box mesh, 270 ladder eye-wire, and the Tie-HVR-295V Anchor-system ladder type. The 220 ladder mesh reinforcement comes with spaced block cells (not obstructed) that allow easy positioning of vertical rebars A (full 8″ splice).

  • Joint-reinforcement truss

This category consists of 120 truss-mesh (continuous length joint reinforcement), 130 truss-tri-mesh, 140-truss twin-mesh, 150 truss box mesh, 170 adjustable truss eye-wire, 180 Dub’l Loop-Lok Truss, and Tie-HVR- 195V Anchor System-Truss Type.

The 180 Dub’l Loop-Lok allows in-plane horizontal and vertical movement of masonry wythes.

  • Joint reinforcement systems-seismic

In this category, we have products like 170 adjustable Truss Eye w/Seismic Hook, 170 Adjustable Truss Lox-All-Eye-Wire, 180 S.I.S Dub’l Loop-Lok (Interlock system), and 180 Dub’l Loop-Lok.

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Our staff is on call waiting to help you in case of any queries. Contact us to book a complimentary, no-obligation, no-hassle consultation. We also provide free quotations.