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What Is AYR Foil And Where Can It Be Used?

Are you looking for an insulation material that is perfect for a reroofing or any other construction project? Perhaps this is it. AYR foil is a reflective insulation material that has a bubble pack (two layers of air bubbles with aluminum foil on each side) to reduce condensation issues. It uses reflection to provide adequate cooling and save energy costs. If you are looking for an insulation material that is easy to clean and provide a good finish, this is it. It has a white side and a reflective side. The white side is made of polythene and is easy to clean giving the exterior a nice shiny look.

Benefits Of AYR Foil

  • This foil is super easy to install. There are absolutely no special tools or equipment needed to install it.
  • When installed during reroofing, it provides the perfect vapor barrier between the existing roof and the new metal roofing sheets.
  • It also reflects heat away from the inside of the building when installed on the roof therefore keeping your property’s interior cool which results in reduced energy costs.
  • With this material, you can say goodbye to condensation problems
  • It also has an easy to clean and maintain finish
  • It has an excellent R-value
  • Can protect livestock by providing a more comfortable environment since the reflective side of the foil prevents heat from getting into the building or structure.
  • It has been proven to be one of the most reliable and long-lasting vapor barriers available in the market.
  • The foil can be used in all kinds of applications since it is available in widths up to 8 ft.


AYR-foil can be used in different applications including:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Attics
  • Garage doors
  • Water heaters
  • Crawl spaces
  • Ventilation ducts and plumbing
  • Floors
  • Below concrete slabs

Installation Method

The method of installing this reflective insulation material will depend on where it is being placed. The foil is usually available with staple tabs or an adhesive tape to facilitate quick installation. The R-values will depend on the method of installation that is used. It is important to contact a qualified technician who will not only help you choose the best AYR foil system for your needs by measuring your building’s R-value but also ensure that it is properly installed.

AYR-foil In Post Frame Buildings

The most common use of this insulation material is in post frame building projects. Because the foil has a reflective side, high temperatures will not affect the interior therefore ensuring that the livestock and workers have a comfortable environment. The air bubbles also work perfectly in minimizing condensation issues. The white side acts as an effective sun screen which prevents farm buildings from overheating. Livestock can really benefit from this component when installed in a farm building because of its UV resistant properties. When installed on a metal roof using the purlin or drape method, AYR provides an R-value of 10.