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Calcium Chloride


Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is used as a cold weather accelerator for concrete. Concrete hydration is very slow when it is cold. This is why accelerators such as Calcium Chloride are used in order to achieve high initial strength. It is preferred because it is very effective in its function and is not expensive. Concrete mixes that use the product have a faster cure rate compared to the normal mix. The cure rate is reduced by up to two thirds when you use 2% Calcium Chloride.

However, the use of Calcium Chloride may be limited by building codes or some other specifications. Therefore before using it, it is important to check if it is allowed and the acceptable dosage as well. Another challenge with Calcium Chloride is the argument that it will cause corrosion when used in building. Since it is used together with concrete, the alkalinity of concrete will protect the steel and other metallic materials from corrosion. The product has been in use for over 100 years.

Advantages of using Calcium Chloride in concrete mixes include:

  • Faster setting
  • Earlier strength development: By using 1-2% Calcium Chloride, you will accelerate the set time for concrete. Faster setting results in earlier strength development.
  • Reduced water requirements for the process: This will enable you to save on costs.
  • Increased workability
  • Increased density
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Cost effectiveness for your building project

To achieve the above advantages, use 1 or 2 % Calcium Chloride in 100 pounds of cement.