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Cement Finishing Tools



Cement Finishing Tools

Effective cement finishing requires the right cement finishing tools. While these tools do not vary much in design from one manufacturer to the next, they do vary in quality. At Bernardi Building Supply, we only deal with top manufacturers to ensure our customers get the very best. Some of the cement finishing tools we distribute include:

  • Spreaders: A long straight edged blade moved over concrete to level it.
  • Straightedges: This is the first finishing tool used after the concrete is placed. It is used to strike off/screed the concrete surface to the proper grade.
  • Tampers: Used after the straightedge to compact the concrete into a denser mass.
  • Bull Floats and Darbies: Bull float is a wooden tool with a long handle used to smoothen a concrete surface. A darby is a long wooden flat tool for smoothing a surface during plastering and rendering.
  • Edgers: Used to make a neat rounded edge along the parameter of the slab to prevent chipping once the forms have been removed.
  • Groovers: A bronze or stainless steel flat tool with a V-shaped bit for cutting a groove in concrete.
  • Hand Floats: Used to smoothen a concrete surface after the use of a screed.
  • Trowels: Used to mix mortar, to apply small amounts in confined areas, to patch concrete, and to replace crumbling.