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Chimney Caps


Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are an important part of your chimney system. The chimney protects your family from excessive heat and harmful gases. However, for it to be effective and to prolong its life, it is recommended that you use a chimney cap. The cap prevents water from getting into the chimney liner. It will direct the water to the sides of the chimney to ensure that it does not get to the flue or liner. If water flows to the center, it will cause a rapid wear and tear of the chimney.

Another purpose of chimney caps is to prevent animals from getting into the chimney. A cap with a mesh will keep raccoons, birds and squirrels away from your house. These small animals know how to climb into a chimney but getting out is an issue. Therefore, they are likely to get stuck there, cause damage and probably find their way into your living area. If they get trapped and die, the carcass will spoil the fresh air of your house. Birds can build a nest inside the chimney because it is warm.

Twigs and leaves may be blown into your chimney if you do not have a cap in place. Wind induced downfalls are also a common issue with cap less chimneys. Your home will be filled with smoke and cold air making it less energy efficient. A chimney cap can be designed and installed to curb these problems and ensure that your chimney remains in good condition and functional for the long-term.