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Choosing the Right Drywall Joint Compound


The drying type joint compound can come in two different forms: pre-mixed and powder form. These compounds are designed to dry through water evaporation. The time it takes for them to dry out completely will depend on air, drywall surface as well as the compound temperature. It’s always recommended that the compound is allowed to dry completely before applying a new coat. In fact, you need to allow 24 hours of drying before the second application.

Premixed compound

Premixed compound certainly has its advantages. For a start, it comes ready to use straight from the container. You don’t have to worry about getting the right consistency of the mix with this joint compound. Additionally, it usually comes in a container that you can easily reseal in order to keep the compound fresh in case you want to use it later on.

Powdered compound

When you choose a compound that comes in powdered form, you are likely to enjoy a longer storage life. The compound comes in a dry form which means that it doesn’t have any water so it can have a longer shelf life once it’s opened. You will, however, have to mix it with water and get a good consistency of mix before you begin the application process.

Setting type joint drywall compound

Unlike the drying type drywall compound that dries out by water evaporation, this compound is designed to dry by a chemical reaction. Setting type joint compounds will harden a lot faster than drying-type compounds. The compound can set even 20 minutes after application depending on the brand you choose. This is usually ideal if you are working in a cool or humid environment. It also allows you to complete the project faster since there’s lower downtime in between coats. Other advantages of the setting type joint drywall compound are that it has anti-shrinkage and anti-cracking properties. This is the compound you need to choose if you need the project completed fast. However, the main disadvantage of this compound is that it is harder to sand than the drying type which is why you must try to get a smooth finish when applying it.

Tapping compound

Why use a premix taping compound?

A premix taping compound is designed for use on plasterboard joints and internal corners. The beauty of this type of compound is that you don’t have to mix up the basecoat in order to get the job done. This compound is actually stronger than most base coats that are available locally. Additionally, you don’t have to waste joint compound. Pre-mix taping compound also doesn’t dry-out until it is applied to the board.

When to use premix taping compound

You can use pre-mix taping compound if you live in a warmer climate because there’s no risk of it drying out until it’s applied. This type of compound is also very ideal for larger projects because it’s very environmentally friendly. Since the compound is very lightweight, it means working with it is much easier so expect less fatigue and discomfort, especially for larger projects.