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Clay Bricks



Clay Bricks

Clay bricks can be used in building a new home, remodeling or constructing surfaces in the house such as the fire place. It’s a material that is widely used and comes with a wide range of benefits. The material has been in use since the ancient times. There are a number of historical buildings made with clay bricks that are still standing today.

Clay bricks are made from materials occurring naturally on earth. They come in a variety of shades and the color does not fade as years pass by. They are designed to last long and some are actually stronger than concrete bricks.

To make the bricks, clay is fired at very high temperatures making the final product noncombustible. Therefore it offers great fire protection. It also offers superior moisture control, minimizes mold growth and deters insects. Those who live in highly windy areas can also benefit from these bricks. They offer high protection from wind brown debris.

The cost of maintaining a structure constructed with these bricks is very low. They are designed to last and they do not rot or wear out. You also don’t need to paint them. The various colors and shapes, will give your home a natural yet modest look. In addition, the bricks will maintain their appeal even in years to come. Bricks promote energy efficiency in home. They have the ability to store heat and then release it slowly. They have the best thermal properties compared to aluminum, vinyl and wood.