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Commercial Construction Building Supplies Toronto


If you need commercial construction building supplies, you’ve come to the right experts. At Bernardi Building Supply, we offer a complete range of quality products and unmatched service to exceed your expectations. For more than 40 years, our company has offered safety and the widest product offerings for commercial construction projects.

We strive to give our clients an extraordinary experience during each interaction and every day delivery. We are the premier distributor of building supplies Toronto whether you need products for a small home renovation or a large scale commercial construction project. We have partnered with top product manufacturers to provide the best brands in the industry.

Metal framing

Find superior metal framing products from experts you can trust. We have metal framing products in different widths, lengths and you can always have one specified to suit the unique needs of your project.


Need to install standard drywall on your commercial property? Choose quality drywall products from top manufacturers. We’ve partnered with the best suppliers in the business to bring you unmatched quality.

Drywall specialty panels

All our drywall specialty panels are top-rated and come with a reasonable warranty. Whether you need fire-rated drywall panels, gypsum boards or tile backers, quality is always guaranteed.

Drywall finishing and plasters

You need a superior drywall compound to complete your commercial project. We carry the best premixed, setting and taping type drywall compounds from different suppliers. We also have textures and primers that suit commercial applications.


Choose from a wide range of metal, plastic and tape type trims. Order special aluminum trim with unique specifications for your commercial project.


Get thermal, sound and fire insulation to secure your commercial building. We have all insulation types suitable for commercial construction.


Find air and vapor barrier products from top manufacturers in the world. We stock high-quality products which can be used in a variety of commercial settings.

Acoustic products

Whether you need acoustic ceiling tiles or any other solution to soundproof your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. We offer plastic, vinyl and sound barriers manufactured by the best in the business.


We sell a variety of lumber and plywood products from well-known manufacturers. Choose from our collection of treated and untreated wood that can be sold in different sizes.

Fasteners and sealers

Find acoustic sealants, fire stopping products, power fasteners, screws and more from our store. We choose famous brand fasteners and sealants to assure our customers’ unmatched service.

Interior and exterior finishes

We can supply different kinds of windows and window treatments for commercial buildings. If you need access doors, commercial or residential doors, we can offer a wide range of options to choose from. We work with renowned suppliers such as Doors & Frames to deliver quality products to our commercial clients.

Building tools

Get high-quality hand tools and power tools from experts you can trust. We know you rely on power tools to complete your commercial project fast and efficiently so we’re here to ensure you get quality products to suit your requirements.