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Tips to Using Bricks in Kitchen Spaces

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Many homeowners shy away from using bricks in their kitchen spaces due to the fear of costly installation and high maintenance demands. Brick can have a beautiful rustic look that warms up the kitchen space. When properly installed, brick can be easy to maintain and clean. Brick veneers are often used in kitchens because they are lightweight and perfectly mimic the look of brick.

No Need to Use a Sealant

With a brick veneer, there’s no need to invest in a sealant. For homeowners who opt to seal the brick veneers, using a sealant that is breathable is key. Keep in mind that some sealants end up darkening the color of the brick and this may interfere with its overall look.

How to Clean the Brick Veneer

When brick veneer is unsealed, cleaning is still easy. The key to ensuring the surface remains appealing and to prevent damage is using the right cleaning product. Stay away from acid-based cleaners as well as power washers. These items are too strong and may end up stripping away the base color on the brick veneer. Opt for less harsh cleaning agents like a laundry detergent. Mix it with water and use a soft brush to clean the surface. You may also apply some vinegar mixed with water to remove stains on the brick surface.

Remove Outlets on the Brick Veneer Backsplash

The presence of electrical outlets on the backsplash can interfere with the overall look. You can set the electrical outlets horizontally away from the backsplash. Work with an electrical contractor to ensure this process is done up to code. Having outlets on the brick pattern doesn’t make it look real. It can quickly give away that it is a veneer.

When using brick in the kitchen, make sure you create balance by giving it a nice texture. Painting the bricks can help to reduce the historic look and give it the perfect texture.

Use Bricks to Add Warmth and Texture

Brick homes are very common in areas like Texas where the material is locally available. Most people prefer brick since it is able to withstand harsh climate and can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. Brickwork can be designed with special details to blend with the rest of the home. For instance, you can also install a brick floor on the kitchen and give it a waxed finish to make cleaning easier.

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