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Using Limestone in Patio Construction

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If you are thinking of remodeling your landscape, consider materials like limestone to create a contemporary look. Limestone is often used in modern landscapes because it is very durable and comes in different colors. In many high end landscaping projects, limestone has been used to give the space a modern finish.

Advantages of Using Limestone

When you decide to use limestone in your patio design, expect to have lots of color and texture options to choose from. It’s very easy to find a design that perfectly blends with the rest of your space. The other advantage of limestone is that it comes in light colors that make the space cool on bare foot because it deflects heat. Most importantly, limestone is an extremely long lasting material that remains in your patio for years without the need for a replacement.

Disadvantages of Limestone

One of the main reasons why some homeowners don’t opt for limestone is its high cost. Limestone is also very heavy which makes it harder for someone to use in a DIY project. You’ll need to hire a contractor to work on the patio when dealing with this material. Limestone is also very sensitive to harsh chemicals that have acids like cleaners. If proper care is not given, acid cleaners can quickly erode its surface.

How to Maintain Limestone

Since limestone is very prone to damage by acidic materials, a lot of maintenance is centered on keeping the paving away from acid cleaners and other sources of acids like fruits that can decay and fall on the surface. Clean the limestone using only mild cleaners that have been properly diluted with water. If you use a sealant on the limestone, make sure you only reapply the same product in future. Using different types of sealants over the years can damage the surface of limestone.

In warm climates, limestone is very popular because it’s able to stay cool. This material has a high solar reflectance index which means that it is able to release thermal radiation and reflect the sun rays to stay cool.

How to Finish Limestone

You can choose between a smooth and consistent finish or a rough and uneven one when it comes to a limestone surface. The stone doesn’t require any sealing so that’s entirely up to you. If you prefer the look of unsealed limestone, it’s going to work just fine. Sealing should be done as per the manufacturer’s requirements.

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