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Enjoy the Versatility of Precast Concrete Pavers



Are you looking to transform your outdoor space? Invest in precast concrete pavers and enjoy a fun and appealing outdoor environment. Precast concrete pavers are very versatile, durable and easy to install. They can be designed in patios and give any space a dramatic look unlike plain concrete. Precast concrete comes in a wide range of colors making it easy for you to find the perfect addition to your space.

How Precast Concrete is Formed

The process of designing precast concrete pavers is quite simple. Manufacturers use concrete and pour it into a mold and then give it time to cure. The pavers are usually sold individually or by the pallet. They are usually designed to fit together with varying shapes and sizes.

The Cost of Precast Concrete

Most homeowners doing a remodeling project on a budget will opt for precast concrete because of its low cost. The pavers can be installed at $8 per square foot. However, expect to pay more for different colors and finishes or if the pavers come in irregular sizes and shapes. Get several quotes from different contractors and compare the cost of precast concrete pavers.

The advantages of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete pavers are strong, they last long and are easy to maintain. You can also get any kind of shape or size you want when it comes to this material. Precast concrete is easy to configure than most materials. It can also be permeable by allowing water to flow through it especially when no mortar is used during installation. Other than that, these types of pavers are readily available in so many colors, sizes and finishes to choose from.

The Disadvantages of Precast Concrete

When mortar is not used in installing precast concrete pavers, there is a risk of uneven settling. When the concrete settles unevenly, the surface becomes more prone to causing accidents. You will also need to invest more money to get a custom color or finish. When you choose colored pavers, expect the color to fade with time.

How to Use Them

The best way to get beautiful precast concrete pavers is to choose varying colors. With different colors, you can create more visual interest and appeal by breaking the monotony. Choose a custom design that blends well with the rest of the landscape. You can hire a designer or architect to develop a suitable custom paver with precast concrete.

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