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Cutting Tools



Cutting Tools

At BBS, we carry a wide variety of cutting tools for projects – from drywall installation to home building. These include:

  • Axes: Used for chopping, chipping, piercing, and splitting.
  • Bolt Cutters: They consist of a short cutting edge and are used to cut bolts, chain links, and other tough metal.
  • Glass Cutters: They have a sharp edge to cut glass to the desired shape.
  • Hand Saws: Used for cutting solid materials to prescribed shapes and lengths. 
  • Hatchets: Used to split and cut wood, and they have a hammerhead on the opposite side.
  • Jigs: Used to hold work as it is being cut.
  • Mauls: Like a hatchet, mauls are used to split tough wood and timber.
  • Miter Boxes: Used to guide a saw for a smooth cut.
  • Planes: They align wood for a smooth surface.
  • Reaming Tools: Used to enlarge holes with a great degree of accuracy.
  • Scissors: They are cutting tools that cut material when handles at either end are brought together.
  • Snips: Used to cut sheet metal and tough webs.
  • Veneer Cutters: Used to trim excess veneer flush.