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Fire Rated Drywall


DensGlass® Sheathing from Georgia-Pacific is an architecturally-specified mat-faced gypsum sheathing made of fiberglass. The gold-colored sheathing has an exceptional track record spanning over 30 years.

DensGlass® Sheathing is a popular substrate under stone, brick, siding, stucco, and EIFS because it protects structures against incidental moisture both during and after construction. Moisture not only impacts the durability of a structure, but it also causes a mold and mildew problem and increases the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Other than moisture resistance, DensGlass® Sheathing panels are also mold resistant with a 10 ASTM D3273 test score. Their fiberglass-reinforced core also enhances their fire resistance. The sheathing comes in different thicknesses, widths, weights, humidifying deflections, and R Values.

You only need standard drywall tools to cut and install the sheathing and other Dens® Solutions. Hiring a pro is, however, the better option because it offers convenience and you will avoid voiding the manufacturer warranty.