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Fire Rated Drywall


Georgia-Pacific (GP)’s DensShield® Tile Backer is the 1st tile backer board that features a built-in moisture barrier, thanks to the specialized acrylic coating. The DensShield® Tile Backer also scores a perfect 10 for mold resistance in an ASTM D3273 test. At Bernardi Building Supply, we are proud Authorized Distributors of these backer boards in the Greater Toronto Area.

The DensShield® Tile Backer is the perfect ceramic tile underlayment for pool areas, bathroom remodels, and other wet or high humidity areas because of its water resistance. It can also be used in dry areas and painted to whichever color you like.

The backer board is easier to handle compared to cement board and it is easier to cut and install without the use of special fasteners or tools. DensShield® Tile Backer comes in different sizes, one of the most popular being the fire-rated 5/8” type X board. Dens® Solutions have been around for the past 30 years.