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Door Hardware

At Bernardi Building Supply, we are proud to carry a wide selection of door hardware, from hinges, handles, locks, deadbolts and more, all at the lowest prices guaranteed.

We ensure that the hinges we stock are strong enough to prevent an intruder attack. We also ensure that the hinges are silent. We recommend that you use at least 3 hinges for the right stability.

We have complete door handle sets composed of exterior handles, independent deadbolt, escutcheon, and interior doorknob and lever.

We only stock locks that are proven to provide maximum protection. We also sell keyholes to accompany the lock, especially in older doors.

We sell a variety of fasteners, which are used to hold the door closed. These include latches, bolts like deadbolt and latchbolt, strike plate, and dust socket. Other door hardware in our stock include door chains, door closers, door openers, door dampers, door spots, peephole, and fingerplate.