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Drywall Carts


Drywall Carts

A good drywall cart prevents damage when you are handling or storing drywall. Drywall boards are big, bulky, crumbly, and cumbersome and improper handling easily leads to expensive damage. Using a drywall cart also allows you to work faster, it prevents aches and pains associated with heavy lifting, and it reduces the risk of accidents. 

A drywall cart is basically a large trolley that usually has 4 wheels and that has an edge on one side where you place the drywall. The most commonly used material for these carts is metal because of its strength and durability. Note that other than the drywall, you can also use the cart to ferry other heavy or bulky construction items like panels, sheetrock, and slabs.

At Bernardi Building Supply, we have drywall carts from different manufacturers. Our portfolio includes carts with different wheel types, number of swiveling casters, weight capacities, body types, and edge types.