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Metal Studs


How Do Metal Studs Work?

Drywall (also called sheetrock or gypsum board) is nailed or screwed on metal studs. Metal studs are an alternative to the traditional wood studs and their use has become mandatory in commercial projects.

Bernardi Building Supply is an authorized distributor of steel studs from top construction product manufacturers. The studs we supply come in different lengths and also vary in terms of exacting tolerance and fire rating. Other than fire resistance, other benefits of metal studs over wood studs are that metal does not rot and is insect resistant.

To hang drywall on metal studs, you will need specialized screws. The process of hanging the drywall is straightforward, but it is slower. Some of the tools you need to fasten drywall on metal studs are an electric screwdriver, lumber pencil, razor knife, caulk line, tape measure, joint tape and compound, and drywall tape knife.

You should look at the specific time rating when picking your steel stud since this indicates the number of hours the studs will go for before succumbing to the fire.

Why You Want to Consider Metal Studs in Toronto

Drywall metal studs bring many benefits to the construction sector, making it harder to find any other material that can serve as an alternative. Using the metal studs Toronto gives you sturdier frames and structures. These drywall supplies in Toronto make the walls secure and are not susceptible to twisting or warping. Unlike other framing materials like wood, metal studs cannot shrink or rot. Insects cannot infest them, and they are resistant to fire and do not split.

Cost-effectiveness is another advantage of metal drywall studs Toronto. Their lightweight nature makes them easier to use, reducing the labour charges by approximately 30%. Additionally, they are not vulnerable to mould growth, and some cold-formed metal studs are made with recycled materials, making them more eco-friendly. Also, storing them is effortless, and they last long.

All these factors are essential in building a structurally sound structure and getting more value for money. In addition, they ensure you do not compromise the safety of the walls or spend a lot of money on repairs.

Residential and Commercial Drywall Studs in Toronto

Most drywall studs Toronto experts often recommend metal instead of wood because of the many advantages it presents. It is lightweight, long-lasting, robust, cheaper, and stable. Therefore, metal studs are of a higher quality and can add tremendous value to your property.

Despite the many merits, knowing how to install the steel studs is essential. For instance, the lightweight steel studs can be placed on horizontal tracks after anchoring them in position. However, their placement should be even, and the installer must fasten them into position. When used correctly, the metal studs are suitable for both exterior and interior walls.

C-shaped studs and U-shaped tracks are usually used in domestic properties, while commercial buildings use corrugated steel sheets put on top of steel frames. The frames are called forms and are found underneath steel reinforcing bars and concrete layers.

Many commercial properties rely on metal studs Toronto because of their structural strength, durability, proven accuracy, and decay-resistant abilities. However, applying metal studs on framing requires professional assistance for it to be successful. A good contractor will know how to combine the ideal materials and use their skills to ensure you enjoy the benefits.