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Drywall Tools


Fire Rated Drywall

Drywall Tools

It is important you have drywall tools handy as this ensures you can do quick repairs whenever you have a drywall problem, thereby preventing the exacerbation of the problem and ensuring you do not incur extra cost. You should invest in high-quality tools to prevent error-filled work. Must-have drywall tools include:

  • Jab saw: This is a 6- to 8-inch serrated knife that is used to cut holes in drywall. It has a sharp tip to penetrate drywall.
  • Electric drywall saw: This saw cuts drywall with great precision and speed.
  • Drywall knives: Invest in the highly specialized 12-inch and 4- or 6-inch drywall knives for feathering, taping, sloping mud, and final coats.
  • Cordless drill: An 18-volt cordless drill allows you to draw screws in.
  • Utility knife: Consider a utility knife with interchangeable blades.
  • Non-abrasive and abrasive sanding sponges: Both types of sponges are important for minor touch-ups.
  • Sanding pole: Sanding poles allow you to easily and quickly sand corners and ceilings for a consistent finish.
  • Drywall screws: These are today’s fasteners of choice, replacing nails.