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Durock Cement Board



Durock Cement Board

DUROCK® cement boards are strong tile bases that prevent tile crumbling and spinout. They are used for floors in laundry rooms and kitchens, countertops, walls, soffits, shower areas, and tubs, among other uses when premium finishes are required. These finishes could be lugged tile, thin stone & brick, ceramic & quarry tile, and ceramic mosaics.

Other benefits of the boards are that they are water-durable (they do not rot, warp, disintegrate or delaminate when exposed to moisture), they are mold and mildew resistant, they are easy to cut and install, you can use either nails or self-drill fasteners, they give great tile bond, and they are non-combustible.

At BBS, we have DUROCK® cement boards in different dimensions, the most common being 3-ft x 5-ft (W x L) and 1/2-in thickness. We distribute cement boards from top manufacturers only, meaning you will enjoy not only quality products, but also good warranties (most manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties).

If you want a strong and water-resistant tile background for walls, floors, shower areas, tub, countertops, and other exterior finish areas, Durock Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard is a perfect option. It prevents spinout and crumbling due to its enhanced proprietary edge performance. This tile backer is mould-resistant, making it ideal for tiles and floorings in kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms, both in remodelling and new constructions. Below are the key features of the Durock Brand Cement Board:

  • Mould resistant and water durable
  • Enhanced edge performance, preventing spinout and crumbling
  • Excellent tile bond
  • Easy to cut or fasten
  • Ideal for interior and exterior applications
  • Non-combustible

For interior applications, the building shall be enclosed, and the HVAC system should be operational. You should avoid installing the board when it’s wet.

For exterior applications, the cement board should not be left uncovered for more than ninety days. Staining and discoloration are common due to exposure to different elements, but this will not affect the panel’s performance. Finishes, levelling, and basecoats should not be applied on cement boards that contain frost or are frozen. Finishes, levelling, and basecoats should be protected from excessive moisture immediately after application, up to 24 hours. Dry or hot weather could affect the levelling, basecoat, and finish materials. Light fogging and dampening of the board may be necessary under rapid drying conditions to improve the workability of levelling or basecoat.