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Easy Drywall Installation Tools

If you’re planning to build a home, it’s probable that you feel concerned because of all the costs you have to incur. Figuring out where to buy affordable building equipment and materials, and also finding the best architects and engineers is no easy task. However, with the help of a building expert, you can find ways to reduce the costs.

Why should you choose drywall?

Currently, most construction firms are recommending people to use drywall in their homes. The reason for that is, unlike brick and cement walls, drywall is way cheaper and a lot easier to install. To top that, it’s made from a material that’s both waterproof and fire resistant, making it perfectly safe to use in any type of property.

Depending on your budget, the drywall you get could be made from different materials including fiberglass, wood or gypsum plaster. Drywall is used in the construction of both walls and ceilings and sometimes it’s used to partition big rooms into smaller ones.

During construction, contractors use a wide range of tools and equipment to install drywall. Some of the ten common tools used include:

1. Drywall T-Square

T-Squares are very popular pieces of equipment that are used a lot in construction jobs. In the case of drywall construction, contractors use this equipment to make sure that the drywall is lined up and fits perfectly.

2. Drywall Lifts

 The drywall lift helps the contractor hold the wall in position as they fix it to the ceiling or wall. This helps the contractor complete the job faster, without any need of support.

3. Drywall Router

The router is used to cut out the drywall in case anything like a window, hole or pipe has to pass through it.

4. Taping Knife

Also referred to as the finishing knife, it’s used to cut out any uneven edges from the sides of the wall.

5. Circle Cutter

If there is anywhere a contractor needs a circular shape cut from the drywall, they’ll use the circle cutter tool to get the job done.

6. Keyhole Saw

This is a long, narrow saw which is used to cut small holes into the drywall. Your contractor could either choose to use one with a retractable or fixed blade.

7. Power Jigsaw

This is the tool that is used when you want your contractor to sculpt a patterned design into the drywall. Extra care should be taken while using it as it’s a very powerful tool.

8. Rasp

 This long tool with sharp edges serves to shape the drywall, especially, if it’s made from wood.

9. Utility Knife

This is another small tool that serves different functions during drywall construction. Contractors consider it to be among one of the most essential pieces of equipment.

10. Drywall Saw

This saw is best suited for drywall made from wood, but your contractor could use a harder blade for softer materials.

Get drywall supplies

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