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Fire Rated Drywall

Fire-Rated Drywall

At BBS, we have fire-rated drywall made up of natural fire resistant material. The material is composed of 21% water. Whenever a fire occurs, the water is released as steam which slows down the spread of the fire, acting kind of like a fire sprinkler system but in the form of steam. . The material is made even more fire retardant with such proofing materials as fiberglass and other fire retardant additives. Regular drywall is susceptible to crumbling whenever there is a fire, leading to quick spreading.

Our most popular type of fire-rated drywall is type X which has a thickness of 5/8 inches and a fire rating of 1 hour. This is the best material for separating the garage (where most fires happen because of the chemicals and combustible materials stored there) and the rest of the home. Type C fire-rated drywall is available in thicknesses of ½ and 5/8-inch. This is an improvement of type X drywall with increased fire resistance due to more fiberglass and other fire retardant components. We also stock the 1-inch thick type X Shaftliner which is even more fire retardant.