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Firebricks are used to line the fireplaces. They are designed to withstand high temperatures. And their thermal conductivity is very low to enhance energy efficiency. They are able to withstand temperatures much better than the normal bricks; therefore, they can be used for long without cracking or becoming brittle.

With high quality firebricks you will be able to:

Use less firewood

Since firebricks have better heat retention, you will be able to use less wood. And in the long run you save on costs.

Save on replacement costs

Firebricks are designed to last for long and thus don’t need regular replacement.

Aesthetic appeal

Firebricks are made in a variety of colors and designs to give your fireplace or kitchen an elegant look.

Different types are designed to withstand heat from different heating systems. Common types of firebricks include:

High duty: These are designed for high heat applications like furnaces. They have a high level of alumina and they get very hot.

Low duty or insulating firebricks: These are extremely lightweight. They absorb heat and prevent it from escaping to the atmosphere.

Clay firebricks: These ones are inexpensive and also very safe to use in areas where food is prepared. Their capacity to withstand high temperatures is limited and thus they are mainly used to construct the outer part of the furnace.

Dense bricks: Dense bricks are known for their high durability and strength. They contain both silica and alumina and are used in ovens and furnaces.