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Fireplace Dampers


Fireplace Dampers

Without a fireplace damper your house will be filled with smoke whenever you light a fire. A fireplace damper is a metal or ceramic flap that is placed inside the duct. When you light a fire, you adjust the flap so as to allow the smoke to escape. When there is no fire, you can close the flap so as to prevent cold air from entering your house. The adjustment can be done by using a pull chain, latch or handle.

By using a fireplace damper you will achieve the following:

  • Energy efficiency: Keeping cold air from entering your home will reduce your energy costs.
  • With a damper, you will be able to control the intensity of the fire without having to do much. Opening and closing the flap regulates the amount of oxygen that enters your home. Oxygen is crucial for maintaining the fire and thus you will be able to control the flames by just opening and closing.
  • Pressure from the wind affects how well a fire burns. It could also be a nuisance especially when it creates rattling noises. You can use the flap to control the pressure from the wind so that your fire burns effectively.
  • Dampers are effective in keeping away animals, debris and moisture.
  • Reduce home maintenance costs: Smoke in the house can damage the walls and the fixtures and fittings. It will cost a lot to repaint the discolored walls and if the damage is extensive, you will have to get a new wall.