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Foundation Coating



Foundation Coating

A coating on the foundation walls prevents water from moving through the wall. When water flows in through the wall, it could cause growth of mold, which is dangerous for your home. And can result in devastating health issues for your family. This is why experts recommend foundation coating when you are building your home.

Basement coating can be done with vapor barrier or waterproofing paint.

  • Concrete coatings

Concrete waterproof coatings are thick and cement-like. Once dry, they adhere permanently to the walls. The concrete coatings can be applied to surfaces that have already been painted.

  • Silicate based coatings

Silicate based coatings are also known as densifiers. They can only be applied on walls that have not been painted. The coating reacts with concrete to form a waterproof surface. Their main advantage is that they will not peel off.

  • Waterproofing paint

Waterproofing paint is similar to the ordinary paint only a little thicker.

  • Plastic sheets and panels

Plastic sheets and panels are used to prevent water from ruining things in the basement.

To apply the coating consider the following steps:

  • Buy quality material, adds to the cost of basement waterproofing but its worth it
  • Fill the holes and the cracks on the walls and floor. Leaving cracks on the outside wall will make the problem worse.
  • Make sure that there is proper drainage to carry water away from the foundation
  • Apply the waterproofing coating. For concrete coatings, you can use a heavy brush with natural fiber bristles. For silicate you can use a brush or roller. If it’s a DIY project consider a sprayer.