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Gravel is composed of small pieces of rock and stone. It is a special stone or rock that is very hard. The product is widely used to make surfaces more functional and attractive. It is available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to suit different landscaping projects.

Common applications include:


Gravel is used to surface roadways especially in remote areas where there’re few motorists. It is more widely used on roads compared to concrete and tarmac. Since it’s hard, it will not wear down easily even with heavy vehicles using the road.

Manufacture of concrete

Gravel is an ingredient in the manufacture of concrete.

Driveways and paths

Gravel is used for marking paths and driveways since it is cost effective. It is also used to prevent the growth of weeds on pavements.

Yard decoration

Gravel can be used as a decorative material for your yard or garden. It makes your landscaping stand out when you place some along the flowerbeds. You can also use it to mark paths in the garden. The compound will prevent the growth of weed but still allow water to drain into the soil for the flowers and the plants to use.

Types of gravel

Crushed stone: The crushed stones come in grey and white and are mostly used as edging material.

Pea granite: These are small and rounded, usually the size of a pea. They are available in brown, tan and white color mixes.

Others include river rock, white marble chips and washed clean stone.