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Guidelines for Choosing a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Choosing a good quality wet and dry vacuum is ideal for anyone in the construction industry. We know that there’s a lot of mess you are likely to deal with in the construction process. Having a proper vacuum cleaner will help you to maintain cleanliness and even make the site safer. If you are shopping for wet and dry vacuums, we’re here to provide a few guidelines on what to consider. Remember construction debris can be heavier and thus requires a strong vacuum to suit the job.

Consider the size

You can choose from small, medium and large vacuums available in the market. The benefit of small vacuums is that they are usually very portable. However, they may not be able to perform well in a construction site. Medium vacuums on the other hand may be able to handle heavy debris better than the smaller vacuums and will still be somewhat portable. But if you’re really looking for a powerful suction, consider getting a larger vacuum that will perfectly suit the job. Bear in mind that a larger vacuum will be less portable so moving it around the construction site can be difficult.

Examine the accessories

Each vacuum will have its unique set of accessories that make your job much easier. For instance, you may want to choose a vacuum that has a utility nozzle. This simple feature allows you to get rid of bulkier objects. Some vacuums also come with a crevice nozzle which is perfectly suited for those hard to reach corners and creases that hide dirt and debris. Another important feature is the squeegee attachment which simply allows you to clean off spills. An ideal vacuum should also have swivel fittings which basically prevents kinks.

Does it have a dust bag?

Most vacuums come with dust bags around the filter which are simply designed to keep the interior of the vacuum cleaner and allows you to switch from the dry to wet cleaning pretty fast. The dust bag also helps to enhance the longevity of the filters. Vacuums that have a dust bags tend to offer a more powerful suction.

How long are the extension wands?

Extension wands can make the vacuum easy to operate. When the vacuum cleaner has a short extension wand, you can experience back and knee pain trying to reach out to different areas when cleaning. Make sure the vacuum is designed with just the right features to enhance ease of use.

You need to check on other features such as the filters; they should be easy to replace. We recommend vacuums with cartridge filters because they can be easily changed and are not prone to nasty dust leaks. Vacuums with hose locks are actually better because they offer a more secure fit. If you will be using the wet function, make sure the vacuum has a drain spout which makes it easier to empty it by attaching a pump and a hose. More importantly, consider if the vacuum was designed to meet the demanding construction needs.