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How to Use Stone Veneers to Revamp your Landscape

Stone veneers can be used in very innovative ways to add character to a dull-looking landscape. It’s one of the most common ways to upgrade your home’s exterior. You may choose to cover the entire space with beautiful stone veneers or simply add it as an accent in specific parts of your landscape. Whatever you decide, be rest assured that it will make the exterior of your property instantly look more valuable.

Before you rush to the supply store to shop for slabs of stone veneers, get some inspiration on how you can use them to beautify your home’s exterior.  Let’s go over a few tips to finish off your landscape with stone veneers and get your desirable look.

Stone veneers on columns and pillars

Many landscapes have columns and pillars that divide different sections of the space or create a pathway that gives it a bit of character. You can accentuate these columns and pillars with natural stone veneers. It will go a long way in making them stand out for all the right reasons.

Bring natural elements indoors

Sure, stone veneers can have a place in your landscape, but why not bring this artistic design feature indoors. If you’ve been looking for a way to add character and charm inside your home, stone veneer accent walls could be the ideal renovation project. You may even install the natural stone on your kitchen island or add it into the bathroom area to make it look unique and classy. Just ensure you choose a stone with a proper finish that will withstand the elements it’s going to be exposed to in these spaces.

How about an outdoor fireplace?

Do you ever feel like your backyard is looking a little bare? Are you spending as much time as you should be in the yard? If not, consider investing in an outdoor fireplace. With an outdoor fireplace in your yard, your summer parties will never be the same again.  You may even use the outdoor fireplace for cooking. The warmth and ambiance that it brings are definitely worth the investment. Adding stone veneers on your fireplace will take its beauty a notch higher. Wrapping the structure in natural stone will make it look just like your indoor space and give it the charm you’ve always desired.

How to choose the best stone veneers

When choosing stone veneers, you’ll need to consider several factors such as the shape, sizes, and textures available. Natural stone veneers usually come in a range of organic colors unlike the manufactured veneers which can match any look you have in mind. If you want a clean, uneven or even rustic look, you should find stone veneers that match your needs. Think about the look you want to achieve whether modern and classy or natural and subdued when choosing stone veneers for your project. Find quality veneers that age better and last longer so you can enjoy their beauty for a long time to come.