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Industrial Construction Building Supplies Mississauga

The Best Products And Quality in Building Supplies

Here at Bernardi Building Supply, we are more than just your local supplier for industrial building supplies Mississauga. We come with over 4 decades of experience in the industry. We have served some of the most ambitious industrial and custom home builders in the GTA and we’re always ready to take on the next challenge.

Our goal has remained consistent all through, to provide all clients with unmatched service and quality products from world-renowned manufacturers. We have a keen eye for the most cutting-edge technology in the construction industry so you can count on us for quality building materials as well as tools whenever you need them for your construction project.

Metal framing

We carry a wide variety of metal framing products from renowned manufacturers including textures, primers, and sealants that you can use for your industrial construction project.


Bernardi Building Supply carries high-quality drywall in different sizes so you’re sure to find just the ideal items to suit your industrial needs. We source for drywall from top manufacturers including National Gypsum, USG, and CertainTeed.

Drywall specialty panels

We’re fully stocked with specialty panels from top manufacturers to address your toughest design challenges. Whether you need sustainable wallboard or fire-resistant gypsum, we have panels that score and snap easily to suit industrial construction demands.

Drywall finishing and plasters

We have drywall finishing products such as plasters, premixed and tape type compounds. Find sealants, primers and setting compounds from top manufacturers in the industry. We provide all the drywall tools and supplies needed to perform a quick and efficient drywall project.


From trims to moldings and plastic mold products, we have a collection of products to help you create a dramatic curb appeal in your industrial building. We have trims for industrial applications with mechanical components designed to make them easy to install and workable.


We have a large selection of insulation products including fiberglass insulation, acoustic panels, spray foam insulation among other options. We sell all the materials and tools you will ever need to insulate your industrial building.


Weatherizing can be done by proper air sealing or weatherproofing the windows and doors resulting in huge energy savings. We stock hard to find weatherization products which are competitively priced to help you save money on costly energy bills. Purchase innovative weather tape products and other weatherproofing supplies from trusted manufacturers only at Bernardi Building Supply.

Acoustical products

We are the leading supplier or acoustical products such as absorbers, diffusors, sound barriers and isolation platforms. If you need complete room treatments, we’re happy to find specialty products for you.


Our dedication is reflected in the high-quality lumber products and wood building materials that we supply. We have different grades and sizes of lumber products to suit your industrial needs.

Interior and exterior finishes

Explore choices for interior and exterior finishes here at Bernardi Building Supply. If you have trouble choosing the right finishes, our professionals can help.

Building tools

We have building tools and equipment from leading brands. We have everything you’ll need for your industrial project from specialty hand tools to power tools, we’re here to make your project fast and easy to complete.