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Measuring & Marking Tools


Measuring & Marking Tools

Get the best measuring and marking tools to make accurate cuts, drills, and lines. At Bernardi Building Supply, some of the most popular measuring & marking tools we have are:

  • Dividers: A divider is used to measure, transfer or mark off distances. It consists of 2 straight adjustable legs that are hinged together and that have sharp points.
  • Calipers: They are used to measure the distance between 2 opposite sides. They allow you to read out measurements on ruled scales, digital displays, or dials.
  • Gauges: Gauges are instruments that measure and give visual displays of the level, content, or amount being measured.

The dividers, calipers, and gauges we sell are available in different sizes to match our customer’s unique needs. Other tools we distribute in the Greater Toronto Area include:

  • Tape measures
  • Surveyor’s tape
  • Level screeds
  • Caliper & protractors
  • Laser distance meters
  • Laser levels
  • Levels
  • Carpenters squares
  • Mason lines & twine
  • Carpenters pencil & markers