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Metal Lath


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Metal Lath

We sell general all-purpose metal lath that can be used for concrete bases, ceramics, and reinforcement of exterior and interior construction. Metal is the perfect material for lath because of its strength. Our lath are made from high quality galvanized steel for rust resistance and durability.

The lath provides either medium or maximum security, depending on the product. The lath is installed between drywall boards for penetration resistance. We have lath with metal in different orientation for people with different needs. The most common is mesh orientation, although evenly spaced strips are also common.

The metal lath we sell is easily formed, making it ideal for curved surfaces. The mesh is small and rigid, allowing for great plaster keying. Most of our lath clients use it for ceilings, ceramic tile, and partitions installation. The lath is available in different dimensions, the most common being 27″ x 96″, 27″ x 97″, and 28” x 98”, and the less common being 27″ x 84″.