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Our stock of tools and miscellaneous supplies is top quality in Toronto


Hand Tools

Find the highest quality hand tools that can be used for professional or DIY projects. They include cutters, hammers, screw drivers, sockets, hand saws and so much more.

Diamond Blades

Looking for diamond blades to cut hard and abrasive materials? Look no further. We stock diamond blades for cutting, construction and masonry projects. Our blades suit all types of cutting jobs.

Construction Calculators and Lasers

Save time with our high end construction calculators and lasers with powerful features and built-in solutions to suit any given project. Our lasers and calculators can measure elevation needed for your home construction project.

Measuring & Marking Tools in Toronto

Get the best measuring and marking tools to make accurate cuts, drills and lines. We have tools such as dividers, calipers, gauges and so much more.

Temporary Floor Protection

We supply high quality temporary floor protection products to suit any jobsite. Our products have been the number one choice among contractors and DIY pros.


Shop a wide selection of wheelbarrows and replacement parts used in a variety of projects. We have a wide variety of wheelbarrows on offer at reasonable prices.


Need quality shovels to help with your home construction projects? We have a wide selection to suit every need and budget. Make your project easy using the best shovels from us.


We have a variety of scaffolding and construction materials available in our store. We offer scaffolding for the DIY and construction professionals. All are available at a great price.


We have different types of ladders in our store. From aluminum ladders, loft ladders, extension ladders and more. Each ladder is designed for different applications.

Safety Supplies in Toronto

We are a leading provider of safety supplies in Toronto. We offer safety equipment supplies, emergency supplies, air quality analyzers, anchors, aprons and so much more.

Plastic Safety Fences

We are a leading supplier or plastic safety fences, barrier fences, crowd control fences among others. All our products are sourced from high quality manufacturers.

De-Icing Salt

We have a collection of winter de-icing products like de-icing salt among others. Our products are sourced from the best and will offer you good value for your money.

Construction Tarps

Looking for heavy construction tarps at a good price? We’ve got you covered. Our construction tarps are designed to keep your job site dry and provide the shade you need during construction.

Patio Slabs

We supply patio slabs for residential and commercial projects. Choose from a collection of patios slabs that come in different designs and materials.


We have in stock a wide variety of sealants sourced from top trade manufacturers. We have silicon based sealants, polyurethane sealants and more. Invest in quality adhesives and sealants for all applications.

Window Wells

We have a wide collection of window wells that can transform your basement into a beautiful and comfortable space. Our window wells can be used to add natural daylight to any given space and ensure the basement meets the required building codes.


Get in touch with the leading supplier of high quality MiraDRAIN used in a variety of drainage applications. Choose from a variety of options all at a great price.

System Platon

Looking for superior moisture protection? Invest in system Platon. This waterproof membrane is designed to keep the home’s foundation dry and free of moisture problems.

Modern Forklift offers new and used forklifts in Toronto