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Mortar Colors



Mortar Colors

The color of the mortar will determine the final appearance of the bricks. There are over 50 shades of mortar colors to choose from. Colored mortar can be applied to the entire building or to certain sections only. Deciding on the color can be a tough task because you have to choose one that is pleasing and will bring out a nice color for your bricks.

You can use either bright or dark colors. Some of the common applications include masonry, roof tiles and patch repairs. Whether it is a small or huge project, you have to use the right colors. Benefits of using colored mortar in your building include:

  • Maintain the good colors for ages

Colored mortars are made from synthetic iron oxide and other materials that ensure it does not wash off or fade. You will be able to maintain the beautiful aesthetics of your home even with adverse weather conditions. The colors will not fade or wash off when it rains or in extremely sunny conditions.

  • Use the same color for the entire house

Colored mortar allows you to use the same color for your entire house. You will be able to get as many batches of the same shade as you need to complete your house. Your house will look beautiful without any inconsistencies. When buying extra, ensure that you have the details of the previous one so as to ensure you get the perfect match.

  • Beautiful home

Colored mortar is the key to a beautiful home. After choosing the bricks, choose a mortar color that matches them and your home will be outstanding.