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Delivering Building Supplies In Mississauga And Oakville

Bernardi Building Supply has a huge inventory of high quality building supplies Mississauga to fit commercial and residential needs. For over 50 years, Bernardi Building Supply has delivered a first-class service. We take pride in retaining our extensive customer base. Whether you are a small contractor or large developer, an institution or facility, we promise to meet all your building supply needs in the area.

Our company is well capable of handling all residential, commercial and industrial construction needs. We carry renowned brands of building supplies to ensure the project is done well from start to finish. We are always fully stocked with a fleet of trucks ready to deliver whenever you need us to. If you need specialty products supplied to your construction site, we are happy to provide the right transportation to get the supplies there when you need them. Looking for high quality construction tools for a small or large scale project? Bernardi Building Supply is ready to meet your needs.


Our Products

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QuietRock, Fire-Rated, Water-Resistant, Mould & Moisture Resistance, Doors

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Cement & Masonry Products

Fiberglass Batts, White Rigid Foamboard, Blue Styrofoam SM, Spray Foam Insulation, Polyiso

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Lath & Plaster

Foundation Coating, Waterproofing & Sealing Products, Portland Cement, Masonry Cement, Stone Veneer

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Structo-Lite, Finishing Lime, Ceiling Texture Spray, Veneer Board and Plasters, Magnesia Board

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Tools & Miscellaneous Products

PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings, Corrugated Plastic Tubing, Channel & Trench Drains

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Drywall Products & Accessories

Hand Tools, Diamond Blades, Construction Calculators and Lasers, Measuring & Marking Tools

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Insulation Building Supplies

There are lots of different types of insulation building supplies in Mississauga and Oakville to choose from. The right one for your needs relies on what you will be using the insulation for. For example, Batt Insulation is pre-cut, made from fiberglass, and is an optimum choice for walls, floors, ceilings, and attics. Then, you have roll insulation which is essentially a type of long-form Batt insulation. Tyvek HomeWrap is used to minimize and prevent damage from rain and wind during the construction phase. There are also other ways to do that when it comes to filling cracks, gaps, and crevices.

Spray foam insulation provides high thermal protection and structural strength while sealing walls, floors, and ceiling cavities in a matter of minutes. Spray foam insulation can be easily applied to any part of your home and has its advantages over other insulation supplies as it relates to addressing hard-to-insulate areas. There are countless other insulation products, each with its own benefits related to specific projects. Be sure to do your research and speak with an insulation building supplies expert before deciding what insulation products to buy.

In addition to its thermal benefits, spray foam insulation is also a valuable solution for basement waterproofing. Its seamless application forms a protective barrier, preventing moisture intrusion and potential water damage. When considering insulation options, consult with experts to choose the right products for both insulation and basement waterproofing needs.

Hand Tools In Mississauga

There are lots of very basic hand tools and hardware a builder will want to start with. Hammers will help drive in nails, break apart wood and materials, and help bring down walls. A few different types of screwdrivers will help drive in screws securely and straight. Sockets and wrenches are used to turn fasteners. Cutters, a la pliers, are necessary for moulding different materials into the designated shape you need to work with. The biggest advantage of working with all these as hand tools in Mississauga is that you learn technique and control, which are key skills you will need in whatever project-making you are doing.

Let’s not forget about saws. When searching for hand tools for sale in Mississauga, hand saws are one of the more common requested items. In various shapes and sizes, saws help cut up wood and form it to the exact specifications you need. The benefit of using a hand saw over a power tool is, once again, control. Cutting straight lines, making specific cuts, and being able to cut wood wherever you are regardless of charge or power source helps a ton. In building, hand tools and similar supplies like these will come in handy and are a must for any serious builder working with materials like wood.

Miscellaneous Building Materials

Put your miscellaneous building materials to good use. Diamond blades can cut hard, abrasive materials, expanding what’s possible in construction, masonry, and building. Calculators, lasers, measuring tools, and markers help ensure accurate cuts and placements along the way. Depending on the job, you may also need items like scaffolding, non-standard emergency supplies, safety equipment, and more. It’s much better to have these on-hand when you need them most than to realize you don’t have them and have to pause a project to get them somehow.

Needless to say, a lot can be thrown into the ‘miscellaneous bin’ when it comes to building supplies in Mississauga and Oakville. A superior builder knows what they need long before stepping foot on the job, hammering the first nail, or cutting their first piece of wood. So stock up your inventory one item at a time, customizing your order according to the building supplies you need. High-quality tools and building supplies are available here at optimum pricing, lower than what you may pay going through traditional retail channels.

Cement and Masonry Materials in Mississauga

From industry standards to more advanced cement and masonry materials, the types of projects these building supplies can help with are quite varied. They are used every day across Mississauga and Oakville to waterproof, seal, and reinforce in construction.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, a great choice for general construction that needs a high-strength material, a la foundations and beams, is to go with Portland Cement. To protect abutments, footings, and culverts, foundation coating may be best. We also offer a selection of clay bricks, RE bars to improve concrete’s structural strength in extreme applications, pipe expansion joints for high temperatures, and anchor bolts. When building a fireplace, firebricks are able to withstand the heat. Masonry cement is also a common go-to for any type of masonry construction requiring blocks, bricks, and/or stone. Any cement or masonry application you can imagine, we carry cement and masonry products to match. Being able to get all this from a single source also makes buying building supplies in Mississauga that much easier.

Pipes Supplier in Mississauga and Oakville

The reason why we are relied upon to deliver top-quality pipe supplies to professional plumbers, tradespeople, contractors, and homeowners comes down to how easy it is to get these into the hands of the worker. Find high-quality pipes and plumbing supplies at fair prices, and have them delivered to you in a timely manner. Whether it’s hydrostatic test pumps, pipe drilling machines, valve and curb keys, water shut-off tools, descalers, pipe tapping machines, or specialty wrenches, you can get it all from a single source, and they’ll be ready for you when you need it.

There is a long list of plumbing accessories, building supplies, and pipes that we could get into, perfect for an array of different projects. So whether you are restocking a shop or just need certain materials for a specific project, we are here and ready to help. Get the best tools from a huge selection, including pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, sewer machines, reamers, sewer cable, PVC reamers and cutters, threading dies, wheels, extractors, large-hinge pipe cutters, manual rotary for ductile and steel pipes, and so much more. Top-quality brand-name materials are prepped, packaged, and ready to be handed off to the contractor.

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Vast Variety of Products

If there are building supplies you need for your project, browse our list. Fill up your inventory long before you need any of it, and always be ready for the project that is up ahead. It’s never been easier to locate a wide variety of tools and materials for major and minor projects alike. From the basement to the roof and everywhere in-between, see the best in quality building supplies and construction materials. We’ll even give you a free quote on everything you need!

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Excellent Assistance and Convenience

All in all, we are here to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to mention them. With experienced personnel in residential, commercial, and industrial renovations, our team can advise on a multitude of topics. From finding the right product for the job to arrange the easiest delivery for our customers, we consistently go above and beyond to meet every expectation our clientele has of us. That’s been a key point in building our business in our years of serving hundreds of contractors around Mississauga and beyond.

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Competitive Pricing and Quantity Discounts

Buy in bulk and get it delivered quickly. We work hard to ensure contractors and regular customers get the best in service across the board. With pricing that outdoes the competition and quantity discounts, you no longer have to pay the shockingly high prices in corporate retail. High-quality building supplies in Mississauga and Oakville are available from a trusted source. We have been offering professional-level pricing on construction supplies for years to everyday constructions and repeat buyers. Even with the rise in costs seen in recent years in construction, it’s still our commitment to keeping pricing low.



Fast & Reliable Building Supplies Delivery

Wondering how you will get the building supplies you need to the project site? No worries. Bernardi Building Supply has got you covered. We have a fleet of trucks ready to move your supplies to the desired location. We offer very fast and reliable delivery to ensure continuity of your project. Our specialized equipment helps us to handle even the most complex supplies. Wherever you need us to deliver the project, our crew will come in and drop it off where you want. Great service is paramount to us at Bernardi Building Supply.



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We have 2 convenient
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We have 2 convenient
locations in Toronto and
Mississauga to serve you better.

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