We offer a wide range of pipe supplies at the highest quality in Toronto

For over four decades, plumbers in the Toronto area have trusted Bernardi Building Supply for its knowledgeable staff and high-quality products. Founded in 1971, our business is a family affair. Maybe you need pipes and PVC for a relatively small repair at home. Or perhaps you’re a professional plumber and need supplies for a larger job. No matter what, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find top-notch products at the absolute best price. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and ensure that you find all of the plumbing supplies you need during your visit to Bernardi.

Bernardi Building Supply is one of the top Toronto establishments in the pipe supply industry. Our products are provided from some of the top piping companies in the world including Dragon Board and Graymount and brought to you at incredibly competitive pricing and knowledge that you can’t assign a price tag. BBS offers a plethora of quality products to fit the needs of any project you have on your list no matter how big or how small they may be. We are always here to answer questions about processes and products and aim to give our customers the most quality experience in Toronto. Customer satisfaction and service are paramount to us. Our knowledgeable sales staff offer reliable advice about our large selection of quality building products for residential, commercial, and industrial renovation and construction projects. We are committed to providing specialized delivery services for our customers no matter how complicated they may seem, and we offer specialized equipment that handles even the most challenging deliveries to Toronto and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and concerns.

Pipes? PVC? Plumbers Trust Bernardi Building Supply

Top Quality Pipe Supplies in Toronto

Here at Bernardi Building Supply we are committed to being the most comprehensive location to find all of your pipe supplies. We offer such a broad array of piping products that you won’t be able to find most of them at your large chain stores, leaving Bernardi, a leader in the industry. We only carry durable and reliable products which will leave you feeling safe and secure that no matter what you choose from BBS, your piping project will be quality from start to completion. Whether you are looking for PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings, Corrugated Plastic Tubing, Channel and Trench Drains, EZ-Flow Systems (Gravel Free Drainage), Steel Culverts, NDS Drainage Products, or Clay Wine Rack Tile, we are the one stop shop for your construction project. If you are looking for a product that is unusual or hard to find our extensive database and our committed relationship with our suppliers allows us to track down even the toughest of orders.

All of these attributes combined make Bernardi Building Supply stand out above the competition. Our number one concern is customer service and making you feel like part of the family that has run Bernardi for 45 years. With our experienced pipe supply employees, you will be completely satisfied with the level of expertise and customer service you receive when you walk through our doors. When it comes to your piping needs, make sure to make Bernardi Building Supply the first stop on your list.

PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings in Toronto

When constructing a system of pipes suitable for sewage and waste transport, it is paramount to use products that are specifically sanctioned for that purpose. These particular adherences are for drain pipes, waste, and vent pipes and fittings. Bernardi Building Supply not only has all of these PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings available, but the knowledgeable staff can also assist you in getting exactly what you need to make your project successful.

Corrugated Plastic Tubing

Corrugated plastic tubing is used can be utilized for various drainage and sewage projects. From farming needs to kitchen drainage these flexible plastic tubes can fit almost anywhere but still be sturdy enough to be implemented in underground projects. There is an array of sizes and usage systems for the corrugated plastic tube and the staff at BBS will make sure you get the right product for the project.

Channel and Trench Drains

A channel and trench drain also called line, slot, linear, or strip drain, is a particular type of floor drainage system that contains a dominant trough or channel body. The Channel and trench drain systems are used for rapid evacuation of surface waters or coverage and containment of chemical spills and utility lines. Channel and trench drains come in sizes from one inch to two feet in width and can reach up to four feet in depth, so it is important to discuss your needs with the BBS staff to ensure you are getting the correct product for you project.

EZ Flow Systems (Gravel Free Drainage)

The EZ Flow Systems are an excellent, cost efficient, and time-saving alternative to a French drain system. French drains use a process where the pipe is laid and then covered with layers of foam and gravel, alternating as they are laid. Though the system can be efficient, it is only a matter of time until sediment begins to fill the gaps in the gravel making it impossible for water to sink in between and enter the pipe. What you end up with are even more puddling and a huge cost. The EZ Flow System does not use gravel. Instead, it uses a product that is similar to packing peanuts which allow for absorption of the water which then is transferred into the pipe. The process is cheaper to implement and lasts a lot longer.

Steel Culverts

Steel culverts have become vital to the protection of streets, highways, and railroads by providing an extensive drainage system away from the area you are protecting. Steel Culverts come in an array of sizing as well as coatings that fit perfectly to any project. These surfaces provide hydraulically efficient, economical solutions to the drainage of water and debris with little damage to the area they are placed. The strength of steel provides a long lasting quality solution to your construction project.

NDS Drainage Products

NDS can be considered the leading company in water management solutions. They provide drainage, drip irrigation, and solutions to cover all water management needs. Bernardi Building Supply has a dynamic and lasting relationship with NDS and is proud to offer their line of amazing drainage products. If we don’t have an NDS product already on the shelf, we can quickly order it and have it transported to you right away.

Clay Wine Rack Tile

Even if you are not doing major outdoor or plumbing construction, your drainage needs are still important. Building a wine cellar requires an adequate drainage system directly correlated with where the wine is stored. Clay wine rack tiles provide a system of drainage that also maintains the temperature and moisture level required for the expensive bottles wine being stored there. Whether you are building a commercial wine cellar or one for your private home, BBS can help you pick the perfect rack tile for your collection.

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  • Corrugated Plastic Tubing
  • Channel & Trench Drains
  • EZ Flow Systems (Gravel Free Drainage)
  • Steel Culverts
  • NDS Drainage Products
  • Clay Wine Rack Tile