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For over four decades, plumbers in the Toronto area have trusted Bernardi Building Supply for its knowledgeable staff and high-quality products. Founded in 1971, our business is a family affair. Maybe you need pipes and PVC for a relatively small repair at home. Or perhaps you’re a professional plumber and need supplies for a larger job. No matter what, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find top-notch products at the absolute best price. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and ensure that you find all of the plumbing supplies you need during your visit to Bernardi.

Bernardi Building Supply is one of the top Toronto establishments in the pipe supply industry. Our products are provided from some of the top piping companies in the world including Dragon Board and Graymount and brought to you at incredibly competitive pricing and knowledge that you can’t assign a price tag. BBS offers a plethora of quality products to fit the needs of any project you have on your list no matter how big or how small they may be. We are always here to answer questions about processes and products and aim to give our customers the most quality experience in Toronto. Customer satisfaction and service are paramount to us. Our knowledgeable sales staff offer reliable advice about our large selection of quality building products for residential, commercial, and industrial renovation and construction projects. We are committed to providing specialized delivery services for our customers no matter how complicated they may seem, and we offer specialized equipment that handles even the most challenging deliveries to Toronto and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and concerns.

Top Quality Pipe Supplies in Toronto

Here at Bernardi Building Supply we are committed to being the most comprehensive location to find all of your pipe supplies. We offer such a broad array of piping products that you won’t be able to find most of them at your large chain stores, leaving Bernardi, a leader in the industry. We only carry durable and reliable products which will leave you feeling safe and secure that no matter what you choose from BBS, your piping project will be quality from start to completion. Whether you are looking for PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings, Corrugated Plastic Tubing, Channel and Trench Drains, EZ-Flow Systems (Gravel Free Drainage), Steel Culverts, NDS Drainage Products, or Clay Wine Rack Tile, we are the one stop shop for your construction project. If you are looking for a product that is unusual or hard to find our extensive database and our committed relationship with our suppliers allows us to track down even the toughest of orders.

All of these attributes combined make Bernardi Building Supply stand out above the competition. Our number one concern is customer service and making you feel like part of the family that has run Bernardi for 45 years. With our experienced pipe supply employees, you will be completely satisfied with the level of expertise and customer service you receive when you walk through our doors. When it comes to your piping needs, make sure to make Bernardi Building Supply the first stop on your list.

Pipe Tools

Are you a plumber, a pipe welder, a mechanical contractor, or an oil field worker? Then you need pipes from Bernardi Building Supply. For years, many trades including municipalities, departments, and pipefitters have relied on us to supply the best pipe tools in the market and we never disappoint. The pipe tools we supply come from world-class manufactures like NDS, IPEX, GP, and Armtec. These are all reputable brands you can rely on. Even more importantly, we sell all our products at some of the most affordable prices in town.

A piping one stop shop

Bernardi Building Supply has virtually everything you need. For plumbers, our array of products from NDS is a must-have in your toolboxes. We have a large selection of top-notch tools like pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, pipe shredders, sewer machines, reamers, and so much more.

Not only that. We also supply top quality accessories for plumbing contractors and tradesmen including drain cleaning cutters and heads, sewer cable, PVC reamers and cutters, threading dies, wheels, extractors, etc.

What’s more, we have tried and true products for municipalities and utility departments sourced from IPEX. We supply a huge selection of hydrostatic test pumps, pipe drilling machines, valve and curb keys, water shut off tools, descalers, pipe tapping machines, and other specialty wrenches.

Bernardi Building Supply also offers large hinge pipe cutters and manual rotary for ductile and steel pipes. Additionally, we have some of the best tools in the market for mechanical contractors and pipefitters. They mostly come from Armtec and GP, two industry-leading manufactures.

Feel free to purchase any of our pipe alignment accessories, pipe bevelers, pipe clamps, jack stands, lifts, or pipe verses.

Buy from us today

Our staff is on call waiting to help you in case of any queries or concerns. Contact us to book a complimentary, no-obligation, no-hassle consultation. We offer free quotations.