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Tips for Splicing a New Plastic Drain Pipe into Existing One

When a new plastic drain pipe needs to splice into an existing one, you’ll need to install a pipe coupling. Pipe couplings are used to fit a section of a new pipe into an existing run. They simply join two or more pipes in order to maintain the flow of fluid in the system. Installing them is quite straightforward.

Remember to get in touch with an experienced professional before you decide to take on the project. Proper installation is a must if you want leakage to be a thing of the past.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Buy Quality Replacement Parts

First off, you’ll need to buy and assemble the required parts. Always opt for high quality replacement parts that will make the repair work last long. It’s going to be a great investment if you get high quality parts and have them properly installed.

Clean the Pipes First

Always start with clean pipes. Use a rag to clean the ends of the pipes where you will be connecting the couplings. Wipe the couplings as well. Gather all the tools and materials that you will need for this project to avoid confusion. This includes the replacement pipe, PVC glue, screwdrivers and a hacksaw.

Mark the Cuts Carefully

Start off by marking the cutting point. This is the point in the existing run where the new pipe will be attached. When marking the cutting point, make sure it is approximately a half an inch larger than the replacement.

Opt for a Mission Coupling

Choosing a mission coupling with a flexible design is key. Some people go for a plastic coupling because of its relatively lower cost. However, a mission coupling is best recommended because it attaches perfectly well even in rigid pipes with a larger diameter. Mission couplings are easy to install since they don’t require any special tools and they also form a very tight and durable joint. When buying mission couplings, it is important to ensure that they meet the area’s building code.

The main advantage of couplings is that they can be purchased to suit any size or type of pipe. They are a valuable tool when installing a new piping system or repairing an existing one. When installed correctly, mission couplings will give you a long lasting repair and eliminate the risk of leakage.