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Plastering Tools


Plastering Tools

Choosing the right plastering tools will make the construction or repair work easier. At BBS, we only distribute high-quality plastering tools, which makes your work easier when shopping for tools. Some of the must-have plastering tools we distribute include:

  • Brushes: Used to create unique textures on drywall and to paint a wall once plastering is done.
  • Drywall Vacuum Sanders: Used to smoothen the plastering compound.
  • Felt Brush: Used to apply water or picking it up off a newly finished drywall surface.
  • Hammers, Hatchets, & Mallets: Used to bring down old walls in preparation for drywall installation.
  • Hand Sanders: Used to prepare a surface before plastering.  
  • Hawks: Used to hold a plaster so that you can repeatedly, easily, and quickly get the material on the tool for application on the drywall.
  • Panel Carrier: Used to provide balance and visibility when transporting drywall.
  • Rasps: Course metal file used for scraping, filing, and rubbing down drywall.
  • Scraper Knife: Used to scrape a surface or to spread plaster on a surface.
  • Texture Sprayer: A spray gun used to spray on drywall compound or textured paint on drywall.

These are only some of the tens of plastering tools from different manufacturers that we distribute in the GTA.