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Poly Flashing



Poly Flashing

Poly flashing is designed to prevent moisture from penetrating internal walls, concrete slabs among other structures. Poly flashing can be used for window and door flashing. It is available in different dimensions that apply to varying projects. Can be used to strip in or flash window frames, door frames and even construction seams. Poly flashing is designed with a waterproof coating and comes in easy to remove films in a variety of roll sizes.

Whether you want to use them in hot or cold temperatures, poly flashing is designed for a wide range of applications. You get superior adhesion for temperatures as low as 15ºF. This product is designed for simple applications and can be applied on the job site fast. It comes with self-seals that provide a watertight surface inhibiting moisture damage, mold and mildew from forming in sub-surfaces.

Poly flashing offers superior adhesion enhancing productivity when working on any project. The horizontal strips are designed for ease of installation. The flashings come in varying thicknesses to suit different kinds of applications. The product can be used on roofs or other below grade structures. The self-adhering flashings are durable and perfectly designed to withstand abuse. Thinner flashings are easier to fold or conform to all kinds of shapes. Need to install flashing in a cold wall, get poly flashing that is designed for cold-weather installation. Get poly flashing with the right formulations to enhance adherence to the surface. Every flashing product has minimum application temperatures provided.