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Rigid Polyiso Insulation Board Supplier Toronto

We are authorized distributors of foam insulation boards from top North American manufacturers throughout Toronto.

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Foam Insulation Board Supplier

The foam insulation board with the highest R-Value in our arsenal is Polyiso. Polyiso, or polyisocyanurate, is a type of rigid foam insulation that is popular with commercial roofing applications (low slope) and wall assemblies. This is the most widely available rigid foam insulation board in North America because of its cost-effectiveness and its effectiveness in reducing energy consumption.

Polyiso is made up of four major components namely MDI, polyol, a flame retardant, and a blowing agent. When the 4 components are mixed and small amounts of surfactants and catalysts added, a heat-generating chemical reaction occurs and it causes the blowing agent to boil, expanding the foam and creating gas-filled cells with high thermal resistance or R-Value.

The polyiso we have in our stock use hydrocarbon blowing agent pentane for zero ozone-depletion. The R-Value is between 7.0 and 8.0, depending on the product.