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Polymeric Sand


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Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is a granular material that is placed between joints or seams of pavers and slabs to improve the interlock. The main ingredients used to manufacture it are crystalline silica and quartz. It is basically sand combined with polymers. Other components vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Polymeric sand improves the durability of pavers and slabs. It contains a binding agent that helps to lock the pavers together. The pavers will not move or shift away from each other. When pavers shift, they create an uneven surface which spoils the aesthetics and could also be dangerous for people walking on the pavements. It will make them stronger and durable. Weeds are very common in areas where there are gaps between two pavers. Polymeric sand deters weeds thus ensuring that your patio remains in good condition. The product also ensures that sand in the joints is not washed away when there are heavy rains. It also reduces the amount of water that passes down into the base materials thus ensuring the foundation remains stable.

Another reason to use poly sand is that it prevents ants from coming up in the joints. Ants thrive where there are joints and this is why you see little hips of soil on pavements with joints. The product works well with all paver applications. It can be used even with natural stone.

Polymeric sand comes in different colors. You can get shades of gray and beige. Once cured, you can use a powered machine to clean your pavements.