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Prefinished Vinyl drywall


Fire Rated Drywall

Prefinished Vinyl Drywall

We have a variety of prefinished drywall options made from vinyl. This is the type of drywall you see on parking garages, food processing plants, hospitals, and bank drive-thru canopies because of its characteristics which include dust and debris resistance.
Vinyl-covered drywall is different from traditional drywall in that it has a decorative vinyl layer on its face. The vinyl layer means it does not require mud, sand, paint, tape, or other tasks associated with drywall hanging, which reduces the hanging time by 1/3. The material is reusable and it comes in different textures and colors.
To install the drywall, you hang the panels on steel or wood studs. If you have a stone wall, you hold the panels on attached wooden furring strips. We recommend you enlist the services of a pro to hang the drywall because a pro will have the training, equipment, tools, and safety gear necessary for the job.