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Reflective Insulation

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Reflective Insulation

Another great product for attic ceilings under the roof is reflective insulation, which helps the home reflect heat rather than absorb it. It is faced with foil kraft paper, plastic film, or cardboard and can be fitted between studs, joists or beams.

As you can see, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to insulation supplies and products. Each one has its own unique properties and uses for homes and buildings. It can be very overwhelming to pick the best product for your particular project at the best price. You need a trustworthy, reliable supplier that will advise and guide you. Bernardi Building Supply, which serves the greater Toronto area, is the place to go. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff will transform an overwhelming task into a smooth, efficient process. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and service shines through their communication with both new and repeat customers, do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors. Once you visit Bernardi Building Supply you’ll know why our customers return and never need to go anywhere else.