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Residential Construction Building Supplies Mississauga

The Best Products And Quality in Building Supplies

At Bernardi Building Supply, we specialize in building supplies Mississauga for residential construction projects. We strive to maintain our reputation – especially since we have cultivated it for the last 4 years as trusted construction supply providers in the GTA.

Our vision has always been to meet our customer’s construction needs and this has remained consistent over the years. We are always looking out for the best building materials and tools from world-renowned manufacturers so be sure to find the best product offerings at Bernardi Building Supply. Whatever your residential construction goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them.

Metal Framing

Shop a wide selection of metal framing products from experts you can trust. We are proud to offer the most diverse collection of steel framing components and accessories for use in residential construction projects. Whether you need steel studs, drywall screws or metal stud framing, we offer a variety of lengths and products from manufacturers you can trust.

Drywall Products

We stock drywall specialty panels, finishing products and plasters to suit your home renovation or construction needs. If you don’t know how much drywall you need or the best products to make installation quick and easy, we can help you narrow down your options.


We offer a variety of configurable trims designed for residential applications. Our trims and moldings are sourced from reputable brands to work well with any home construction project. We have popular trim boards such as vinyl siding and fiber cement as well as stucco. Get design recommendations from our experts.


Explore a great range of insulation products from Bernardi Building Supply. We’re here to save you time, money and ensure you enjoy warmth and comfort in your home. Having supplied the best quality insulation products for more than 40 years, be assured that we’ll get the items to you fast and effectively.


Weatherproof your home with quality products offered by manufacturers you can trust. Our collection is designed to suit the challenges of residential construction projects. If you have any special needs, we’re here to help you find suitable weatherization accessories and products.

Acoustic Products

If you need help choosing the right acoustic products for your residential project, we can assist. Our acoustical ceiling tiles, as well as soundboards and sound barriers, are supplied by world-renowned manufacturers.


Find a large selection of quality lumber, plywood and other wood options in varying sizes to suit your residential construction. Whatever your lumber requirements are, we’re happy to fulfill them.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Our interior and exterior finishes are designed to exceed industry standards. We offer a lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind that you have invested in the right product.

Fasteners and Sealers

We have quality fire stopping products that you may need in your residential construction or renovation project. Whether you need screws, power fasteners or the best acoustical sealants, we’re here to provide you unlimited options to choose from.

Building Tools

The right tools can help you save time and boost efficiency in a residential construction or renovation. We stock a wide range of building tools to suit your needs and budget.