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Roll Basement Insulation

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Roll Basement Insulation

Batts are pre-cut sheets of fiberglass insulation, and rolls are simply longer versions of batts. Both are designed to slide right into cavities between wood frames. They’re useful for controlling temperatures, acoustics, and lowering energy costs. They can be installed just about anywhere, from your attic to your floor.

At BBS, we sell roll basement insulation from Owens Corning. The 15″ x 32′ Mini Roll Fiberglass Insulation is pink in color. It does not hold water or absorb moisture, meaning there will be no permanent loss in the R-Value. The product does not deteriorate or settle with time, meaning it maintains its insulation value. The material is also non-combustible.

Owens Corning is an industry leader when it comes to pink fiberglass. The Fortune 500 Company has been around for about 80 years and it has gained valuable experience in home insulation in that time. We are indeed proud to be associated with this North American icon.